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How Vegans deal with Chocolate Cravings

Ah, chocolate. What would we do without it? There’s something incredibly satisfying about giving into a chocolate craving. Perhaps it’s the melt-in-your-mouth cocoa butter, the intense hit of sugar, or maybe it’s the sense of reward we feel as dopamine is released into the bloodstream. Either way, beating a chocolate craving can make us feel deliciously warm inside.

Yet, for the 9.7 million people following a vegan diet in the US, sourcing a vegan-friendly sweet treat hasn’t always been the easiest. The dairy-free confectionery market is on the rise, but there are still significantly fewer options to choose from. Plus, vegan chocolate is often more expensive than non-vegan alternatives and isn’t as readily available in grocery stores.

The most obvious solution for many vegans is to fill up on dark chocolate. Dark chocolate may not offer the creaminess of traditional favorites like Snickers and Twix, but it is often naturally dairy-free. It is also celebrated for its serotonin-boosting effects, which is what’s responsible for the sense of satisfaction you feel following a chocolate binge. This can make dark chocolate the ultimate mood-boosting snack for people who don’t eat dairy!

For vegans with a hankering for milk chocolate, however, snacking on dark chocolate won’t always conquer the craving. Chocolate with a cocoa content of higher than 70% doesn’t contain the milk or butter used in milk chocolate production, leaving it with a slightly more bitter taste. It also doesn’t offer the same sugary hit, which is often the real culprit behind our desire for chocolate.

For this reason, many plant-based eaters choose dairy-free milk chocolate alternatives. These are slowly moving into the mainstream, with global confectionery leaders like Mars taking its first steps into the vegan chocolate market in 2019 with dairy-free versions of Galaxy. These products match the sweetness of traditional milk chocolate without the dairy, allowing vegans to beat their cravings in a slightly more indulgent way.

Galaxy Vegan Chocolate Bars

Sometimes chocolate cravings have less to do with sugar and more to do with mineral deficiencies. Intense food cravings can be caused by insufficient nutrient intake, with low magnesium levels often linked to long-lasting urges for chocolate. Vegan sources of magnesium include nuts, seeds and whole grains, which can be served in meals or enjoyed as a snack in place of sugary treats. It requires more willpower, but the most health-conscious of plant-based eaters might decide to swap vegan chocolate for tofu, avocados, buckwheat, chia seeds, almonds and cashews.

But, what if your longing for chocolate stems from needing comfort? Chocolate is, after all, go-to comfort food for vegans and non-vegans alike. Vegan chocolate alternatives might provide a temporary emotional lift, but more substantial treats include nut butter, topped oatmeal and popcorn. See our list of vegan dessert ideas below.

For some plant-based eaters, reaffirming why they have chosen to follow a dairy-free diet (whether because of animal welfare, personal health reasons or environmental concerns) could be enough to squash a craving that won’t go away. Yet, as more and more confectionery brands hop on the vegan bandwagon, we can’t imagine many people choosing willpower over chocolate for much longer!



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