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What is a WordPress Vegan?

What the heck is a WordPress Vegan anyways? Frankly, I am not sure I can answer that, but I will try. First, the simple answer. WordPress Vegan is someone who enjoys running a blog using the WordPress system AND toiling away in the kitchen creating plant-based recipes. I am guessing we are not a large community. Who knows, I may be the only one.

My WordPress Story

I began creating websites using straight HTML code. I built sites for many of my passions in life. Golf, beer, RPGs, coding, etc. Eventually, I grew weary of staring at hundreds of lines of raw code, so I sought out software like FrontPage (Microsoft) and DreamWeaver (Adobe). Then one day, I happened upon WordPress and pretty much fell in love. That was like five or six years ago.

Told to eat healthy

About 15 years ago, I was diagnosed with a digestive disorder. Under doctor orders, I had to change my diet and monitor what food I consumed. Imagine that, I had to be told to eat healthier. Of course, being a stubborn (another word for STUPID) guy, I ignored the advice. Then, one morning I woke in severe pain. We are talking appendicitis type pain. I was rushed to the hospital. Suddenly, the whole digestive thing was real.

Food: A new obsession

This time, I had no choice but to listen to the doctor. The very next day, I walked into the kitchen and realized one startling fact: I had no cooking skills. I knew how to open a can of soup and throw a frozen pizza in the oven. Over 10 years and many burnt recipes, I became an accomplished cook. Food, cooking, and health became a new passion. This was about the same time I found WordPress.

Food & WordPress together

My first serious WordPress project was a Food Blog. I had visions of telling the world about my cooking journey from zero skills to an accomplished cook. I wanted to teach all the STUPID guys in the world about the benefits of knowing how to cook. Unfortunately, I forgot that my target audience were guys like me. That is to say, they are trained at ignoring advice. (i.e stubborn) The site failed miserably. On the positive side, the project solidified my WordPress skills.

Plant-based lifestyle

As I approach retirement age, I understand my dietary needs are changing. Suddenly, things like vitamins and nutrients become essential. Fat, sodium, and carbohydrates are numbers I watch. As such, I explored several popular diets like South Beach, Paleo, and Keto. The funny thing is these diets are only about the numbers, not much about lifestyle. One day, I wandered into a plant-based cooking event. Wow. Then I attended a vegan restaurant gathering. Wow again. What impresses me more than anything is the people. They are happy, out-going, sincere, and friendly. A month or so later, I adopted a plant-based diet. I became a Vegan.

That is how the WordPress Vegan movement started



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