Chicken en papillote

chicken en papillote with mushrooms and chili peppers feature photo

Chicken en papillote is a super ‘low-fat’ and low calorie dish cooked without any oil. Its also super easy to make. If you want you could add oil to the papillote or you can add a drizzle of sesame oil before serving. Minus the oil the dish is under 250 kcal.

Homemade hash browns recipe

Homemade hash browns recipe close-up photo

Homemade hash browns recipe makes perfect hash browns every time. Amazing taste with REAL potatoes. No processing. Fresh, healthy and delicious. Be a morning hero by making hash browns from scratch.

Homemade Pizza Rolls

Homemade Pizza Roll Close Up

Homemade Pizza Rolls are a fun and delightful way of pleasing your whole family. Great snack for the big football game, too. Totino’s versus Homemade Pizza Rolls No discussion about pizza rolls would be complete without a brief mention of the number one store-bought pizza roll – Totino’s. And depending on where you shop, you can …

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