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Cooking story of Bob who learned to cook.
Our cooking story. A collage of food pictures from our kitchen.

Be a Cook!

Cooking and Food is my passion. In our fast paced world , cooking seems to be a dying artform. Don’t let fast food and microwave dinners define you. Write your own cooking story!

From Zero to Hero in the Kitchen

Cooking is a skill, a passion and an art. I went from opening a can of soup to creating award winning recipes. The journey has been full of burnt recipes, over seasoned failures, and some tasteless meals but in the end, I became a good cook. Excuse me…a damn good cook.

Cooking is only part of my story though. I am an avid Food Blogger. I love talking about food and learning from other passionate cooks, as well as looking at Food photography. The time & effort involved with becoming a better cook and build this site is incredibly satisfying.

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