cuisinart food chopper photo. Great kitchen tool for any size kitchen.

Cuisinart food chopper – Best kept kitchen secret

The Cuisinart food chopper is our secret weapon in the kitchen. Having a hand chopper in your arsenal of kitchen tools is vital to preparing great, delicious recipes in less time. Portable, versatile, and easy to clean. We use this tool every day.

Most recipes call for minced onions or chopped garlic. Yes, there is a certain sense of accomplishment when you perform all this prep work with just a knife and a cutting board. But, alas, we are always in a hurry. Everything is done quickly now. Enter the cuisinart mini food processor. This hand operated food chopper will be your best friend in the kitchen.

What we like the most

By far, our favorite feature is the multi-food chopping capability. On one cutting board, we can chop, shred, and mince 3 to 4 items. Then, we choose when to add these items to the recipe. The cuisinart food chopper is simple to clean too. Usually, a good rinse is all you need. And storage is easy too. Our hand chopper is in the cabinet next to the glassware.

Cuisinart food chopper stores easily in the cabinet.

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Electric is faster, right?

On the surface, an electric food processor is faster and less effort. I agree. However, electric food processors require counter space and an electrical outlet. The hand chopper does not. I can go anywhere in the kitchen and chop veggies. Further, clean-up with electric food processors requires more effort usually involving disassembly of the different food processor parts.


In our kitchen, this is the best onion chopper and onions are a core ingredient in nearly every recipe we make these days. Better yet, the Cuisinart food chopper does not stop there. Garlic, veggies, leafy greens, nuts, and hot peppers are all on the list of “choppable” ingredients. Simply put, we use this kitchen tool on a daily basis. Easily, this is the best damn $20 we ever spent.

Cuisinart food chopper in action – Video (1 minute)

Cuisinart food chopper video photo.

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