Making French Bread Pizza Recipe

Pizza. Dial the phone, make a few choices and next thing you know, you are eating hot, delicious, pizza. Don’t want to pick up the phone? Reach in the freezer, throw it into the oven and same result. Hot pizza. Let us not kid ourselves. We eat a lot of pizza. But you don’t hear many tales about making your own pizza. Making French Bread pizza is so simple you may never call the pizza shop again. ( OK, so I am dreaming. )

Making French Bread Pizza

Step by Step Instructions

Making French Bread Pizza recipe - Cut fresh baked loaf of Italian bread in half

Start by cutting the loaf of bread in half and half again. Ironically, I use Italian bread instead French bread. It is wider and shorter but I think it makes a better platform to build this recipe. Either style of bread works, just remember to buy fresh baked bread.

Making French Bread Pizza-Spread Italian dressing on bread.

Use Italian dressing to add a tasty flavor and to keep the inside of the bread moist as it bakes. You don’t need a lot. Spread it out with the back of a spoon.

Making French Bread Pizza recipe-Spread on Crushed Tomatoes

Open a can of crushed tomatoes. I like Muir Glen because it is organic, non-GMO and low in sodium. Spread tomatoes on the bread. We will be using more tomatoes later, so you don’t use the whole can at this point.

Making French Bread Pizza recipe-Top with favorite ingredients

Now we layer pepperoni, tomatoes, and provolone cheese on top. The pepperoni and cheese are deli fresh ingredients. While not necessarily any better health-wise, ingredients bought from the deli tend to be better quality, lower sodium, and fresher than pre-packaged items. I know they taste better. So here is where you can make this recipe YOURS. Choose whatever ingredients suit your needs. Want vegetarian, skip the pepperoni. Lactose intolerant, skip the cheese. Thinking Hawaiian, add pineapple.

Making French Bread Pizza recipe-Top with Provolone Cheese and bake

Put your French Bread pizza creations in a baking pan and bake for 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees in the oven. You want the bottoms to be toasted but not burnt and the cheese nicely melted.Remove from the oven and lightly coat the cheese with tomatoes. Don’t underestimate the last layer of tomatoes. It allows the French Bread pizza to cool and it gives the recipe that final touch of eye appeal. Remember, we eat with our eyes first. If it looks delicious, we are more likely to enjoy the food.

Budget Friendly Recipe

Making French Bread pizza is quick, easy and fresh, but it is also budget-friendly. The ingredients cost $6.00 USD, meaning each serving is $1.50 and remember, we use higher quality ingredients. The GOOD stuff. Better yet, these make a great lunch for the next day assuming they all don’t get devoured.

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