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What is en Papillote?

Do you wonder what is en papillote? Many people see a fancy cooking term like this and as a result move on to the next recipe. So before you skip to the next recipe, READ THIS.

Fancy cooking term

Too many people ignore great recipes simply because they believe it is too complicated, beyond their cooking skills or requires too much time and effort. I can almost hear people saying, “No way! I can’t cook a fish en papillote recipe.” I know this because I used to think the same thing. That is until I tried it once.

Defining en papillote

Damn it Bob, another fancy cooking term. Pronounced pah-pee-yot, this cooking method is far from complicated. In fact, it is simple. It is a French term meaning “in paper”. The idea is to place the ingredients in a pouch, usually parchment paper or aluminum foil. The packet is then baked in the oven allowing the juices and flavors to infuse. Fancy name, easy method, extraordinary flavor. Further, it makes cleanup a breeze.

Funny but true story

As a Boy Scout, we used to put meat, potatoes, onions and carrots in aluminum foil packs and cook them on the fire. We affectionately referred to them as Hobo Packs and never asked questions like “What is en papillote?” We just happily ate the meal. Who knew we were aspiring French chefs!?!

En papillote method

fish en papillote recipe unfolded
First, Place Ingredients in Parchment Paper
example of fish en papillote recipe folded packet
Next, Fold Parchment Paper
folded foil en papillote packet
Finally, Fold the Foil and Seal the Packet

Simple cooking technique – Extraordinary flavor

Above all, using this method delivers great tasting fish. Moreover, these easy dinner ideas work equally well with virtually every type of fish. By far, the most common examples are Salmon, Halibut, Cod, and Sea Bass. Above all, Salmon en papillote recipe appears to be the most popular judging from Google searches . Most importantly, no matter what fish is chosen you will taste a difference.

Enjoy the benefits of En papillote

  • Most importantly intense flavor
  • Juicier meat and vegetables
  • Easy, no fail cooking method
  • Quick clean-up
  • Smiles on everyone’s faces 🙂

Best ingredients to use

  • Meat – Fish or chicken
  • Veggies – Cauliflower, carrots, bell peppers, or asparagus
  • Flavorings – Garlic, cumin, lemon and/or onion
  • Liquid – Lemon juice, wine, hot sauce and/or vinegar
What is en papillote - Lemon saffron garlic cod recipe photo
Lemon Garlic Saffron Cod en Papillote

Related recipe – Chicken en papillote

Still not convinced? To clarify, watch this quick two minute video demonstrating just how simple this cooking method is.

Finally, for more information, check out this great article.

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