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Welcome to the WordPress Vegan blog.
Today In The Kitchen is excited to welcome a new addition to our site. Our very own Vegan Dude
Here we post the recipes, articles, and adventures of the WordPress Vegan.

Vegan chili cheese fries on a plate close up view

Chili Cheese Fries

Vegan Chili Cheese fries. Enjoy this American classic recipe vegan style. Nearly fat free. Great taste.
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What is a WordPress Vegan feature photo

What is a WordPress Vegan?

What the heck is a WordPress Vegan anyways? Frankly, I am not sure I can answer that, but I will try. First, the simple answer.…
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Close up of Coffee syrup recipe over waffles with fresh fruit

Coffee Syrup recipe for Adults

Amaretto Coffee syrup will supercharge your mornings. I mean why should your kids have all the fun. Don’t miss this recipe. Perfect for brunch. Belongs…
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why chose vegan feature photo

Why choose vegan?

Why choose vegan answers from a recent convert. Read the insights and real-life story of my 1st month on a plant-based diet. TRUE LIFE.
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smoky jackfruit vegan chili in a bowl

Smoky Jack Vegan Chili Recipe

In the first place, a great chili recipe is about combining rich flavors and spices. Even though, meat juices are a key component in traditional…
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